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Tiger Shroff stunned by MOJ’s viral cooking video!

The internet is a space that never fails to surprise us, there is always something new and eccentric to witness just one scroll away. MOJ Creator and Jaipur based food blogger Shailesh’s newest video is taking rounds of the internet showcasing the city’s local street food vendor dipping his fingers in scathing hot oil to fry chicken!

While the video instantly went viral and saw comments like ‘Kamaal yaar’ and ‘Moj Kardi’, looks like the ultimate stunt master and our most favorite action star Tiger Shroff is a fan as well! But he did seem more than stunned by the video!

Tiger said, “Moj Kardi India ke IronMan!!! Seriously, who is this guy??”

Shailesh who goes by the name of @nonvegfoodie uploaded this shocking video of Ali Chicken Centre’s owner and captioned it “Inke haath jalte nahi hai?” (Don’t his hands burn?). While just the thought of touching piping hot oil sends shivers down our spines, this vendor is seen frying chicken while being completely calm and nonchalant. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered over 3.8 million views!

A comment by a user revealed the secret about why the street vendor’s hands did not burn. “He first wet his hands with water. Then, he can dip them easily in boiling oil.”

Like Shailesh, a multitude of creators have used MOJ to create, share and explore dynamic, innovative and disruptive content. The increasing accessibility of social media has led to a radical change in the type of content being made and consumed. With a host of over 160 million users, homegrown platform MOJ is emerging as a key participant in the country’s digital media landscape.

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