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Netizens come out in support of Shamita Shetty after Afsana Khan blames the actress for her eviction



Bigg Boss saw a shocking turn of events when Afsana Khan lost her temper and was forced out of the house for her misbehaviour. The singer left many upset with her attitude and language on the show. Fans couldn’t understand the reasoning for her blaming Rajiv Adatia and Shamita Shetty for misconduct during the task.


Now, there’s another video of Afsana Khan doing rounds on social media that has left Bigg Boss fans mighty outranged. After the elimination, the singer gave an interview where she went below the belt while talking about Shamita Shetty and blamed the actress for her eviction. Not just that, she age shamed the actress and wished her unhappiness.


The same didn’t go well with the netizens, who were quick enough to respond and support Shamita Shetty against Afsana Khan.


While commenting on the same, a user wrote, “#AfsanaKhan you really are a disgusting human being ,you have stooped down to such a low level by age-shaming,wishing that she never becomes happy?WHAT has she done to her so bad?” In a similar vein, another user said, “She really is going below the belt! And don’t use mental health as an excuse now! Told you guys before too., sab drama hai!”


Many pointed out that the real reason behind the singer’s outbreak was her alliance, who ditched her during the VIP task.








People also talked about Afsana Khan’s wrongful behaviour towards Shamita Shetty since the start, whereas the actress has always maintained her calm even during the most intense fights.

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