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14 Phere Movie Review – ZEE5’S 14 Phere Doubles the Pheres, Doubles the weddings and most importantly Doubles The Fun too.

14 Phere Movie Review: ZEE5’s latest offering has quite a shocking yet funny title – 14 Phere. If this makes you believe in something and makes you excited for the product then don’t worry, we assure you that you’ll have enough fun while watching it. 14 Phere is a sweet rom-com turned into a goofy and hilarious wedding ceremony that will keep you entertained for almost two hours. Apart from that, it will make you realize something about honour killing and old fashioned traditions of our previous generations.

14 Phere Movie Review

The film revolves around Sanjay Singh (Vikrant Massey), a ‘rajput’ from Bihar and Aditi Karwasra (Kriti Kharbanda), a ‘jat’ from Jaipur and their love story, adventures and misadventures for the two planned weddings. The story has enough power to hold your attention right from the first scene till the last one. There are plenty of hilarious situations which will make you laugh and there are also few emotional moments with family value. The film tries to give a message against old traditions of casteism in marriages done in rural parts of the country. Thankfully, it focuses on the isuse in urban style by showing corporate minded love-birds attempting to keep their parents happy.

14 Phere Movie Review

Kriti Kharbanda has never looked so gorgeous in any film. She is an absolute stunner in every frame with beautiful looks and cute expressions. Vikrant Massey is just getting better and better with with every film andd 14 Phere is no different. Gauahur Khan has role off from her regular glam-image but she still does enough to compete against a senior actor like Jameel Khan who is in top form from the very first scene. Rest of the cast is fantastic too and shares good scenes out there. Music is good according to situations and tone value and the lyrics for the same aren’t out of the context.

Kriti Kharbanda


The cinematography, background score, screenplay, and dialogues are nice. Devanshu Singh makes every situation look sounding with his presence of mind at the director’s chair. Although it has couple of scenes gone wrong and motiveless in the first half, the film manages to cover it in the second half. Overall, a fun ride for couples and family audiences which should be enjoyed together by all three generations.

14 Phere Review


RATING – 3.5/5* ⭐⭐⭐✨

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