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Afsana Khan body-shames Rajiv Adatia; Shamita Shetty comes out in support




Ever since Rajiv Adatia has entered the Bigg Boss house, the dynamics of the game have changed overnight. While the drama has become even more intense, Shamita Shetty’s clear stance has once again won the audience.


During a task, Afsana Khan body-shamed Rajiv, leaving Shamita upset. The singer told Rajiv that he wouldn’t be able to fit inside the prop. The comment led to Rajiv’s breakdown. Taking note of the situation, Shamita came in support of her Rakhi-brother.


The actress pointed Afsana’s mistake and said that she has a habit of calling people fat, which is not good. Shamita also told her that Rajiv has a medical condition. Well, the singer was quick enough to apologise after learning about the matter.


Later that day, the show saw Shamita yet again taking a stand against the wrongdoing by Umar Riaz to win the task. Well, the actress has established herself as a strong contestant with her strong sense of right and wrong.

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