When Pierce Brosnan’s singing skills were put to test in Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Cinderella’!

Written for the screen and directed by Kay Cannon, Amazon’s original ‘Cinderella Movie’ has an all star-cast that includes Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan.

The movie marks the return of the legendary actor Pierce Brosnan asking Rowan, which has caught the fancy of the viewers and especially his ardent fans across the globe.

Cinderella Movie Poster:

Cinderella Movie Poster


To play Rowan, the filmmakers cast Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver— the ruler of the mythical kingdom and his powerful wife Beatrice, who is willing to challenge his authority when he gets it wrong.

Director Kay Cannon believes they make the perfect king and queen. “Pierce Brosnan is, after all, Bond…James Bond,” she says and elaborates, “He’s incredibly charming and has a gravitas and wit that give the King some interesting layers. I loved that he was always open to making fun of himself, especially his singing.”

For the role of Queen, Cannon feels lucky to have an actress of Minnie’s caliber. “She has a great singing voice, a dry wit and sharp improve skills. She also hit the dramatic moments and made them land with a stinging ferocity,” Cannon adds.

The trailer of ‘Cinderella Movie’ transcends you to a world where the princess is no more longing for her Prince Charming to rescue her, this time the story of Cindrella is different. Chasing her big dreams and breaking the shackles of traditions, our princess Camila Cabello will realise what she dreams of.

Watch out for this new-age fairytale on Amazon Prime Video, this September 3.

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