An open letter by Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri to Bollywood Leaders #OpenUpCinemas


National award winning filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri urged Bollywood leaders to speak up and ensure that government listens and #OpenUpCinemas which have remained shut amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Tashkent Files director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri penned down a hard-hitting open letter addressed to Bollywood leaders highlight that the unjustified closure of cinema halls.

He wrote ” Dear Bollywood leaders:

1. You have earned hundreds of crores from your films which released in theaters.

2. You have earned hundreds of crores because people paid for your movies.

3. You are leader because you earned hundreds of crore and have a clout, experience, money and power.

4. You can not just keep the perks of being a leader/star and keep quiet when there is a crisis. You know Bollywood is also the soft power of India.

5. You know that Bollywood going through an existential crisis for three reasons: a] Locked theaters b] OTTs, and c] Public anger towards you.

6. Imagine you are a big corporation and your brand faces the same situation. Will you go in hiding and wait for the situation to improve or you will firefight it?

7. You haven’t done anything except for keeping quiet and let the destiny take its course. The general assumption in the industry is that people are dumb and they will again fall at the feet of the stars or at the box-office as soon as movies release again. You are absolutely wrong and myopic.

8. This is the real test of your creative integrity. The world is watching whether you are going to fight to save cinema or you’ll do it only when your film is stuck.

9. I hope you realise that because of your inaction, almost all Indian content is slowly being owned by just 3-4 American corporations. Soon, there will be no Indian content. This is how East India Company took over India. I am not saying this will happen but ‘something like this’ is already happening. Just think why you are responsible for this.

10. You want to be treated like leaders in happy times, celebration times, success times. Now when the there is crisis, you got to stand up and give confidence to millions of workers that you’ll lead fight for their livelihood.

11. Please speak up and ensure that Government listen and #OpenUpCinemas.


If you work in the film industry/ Bollywood. Please share this as your protest against the governments for unjustified closure of cinema halls. Because when leaders don’t speak up, you should. This will be your silent contribution to the cause.


He signed off saying, “If you are an Indian, you should support this movement because if you don’t, soon there will be no Indian producers or content owned by Indians. No Indian stories, that will be real ‘Money Heist’ as well as ‘Culture Heist’.


The theaters in India provide employment to millions of workers who are the backbone of the Indian film industry.

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