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Bigg Boss 15 : All the fans of Nishant Bhat school Umar Riaz for abusing the latter. Read the reactions of the netizens!



Today, the entire house of Bigg Boss was no less than a warzone. The housemates who fought with each other like cats and dogs, ended up compelling Bigg Boss to intervene. The entire drama started with when Pratik Sehajpal hid the map which could have helped jungle waasi’s to enter the main house. After which a ruckus created resulting in a huge tiff between Pratik and Jay Bhanushali.


But apart from everything, one thing that irked the fans was the counter altercation between Umar and Nishant. Amidst the fiasco, Umar ended up abusing Nishant in return of which Nishant snapped back by calling him a “Nalla”. The entire conversation which was aired during the episode did not go down with the netizens who bashed Umar left, right and centre by calling out his double standards, take a look :

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