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Bigg Boss 15 : Geeta Kapur takes a stand for Nishant Bhat asks trollers to stop being a blind follower



In today’s episode we all we will see a huge showdown between Tejasswi ,Karan and Nishant who have been enjoying their stay in the bigg Boss house as VIP’s. For the unversed, as the tables have turned and Bigg Boss has given a chance to all the Non VIP members to steal the VIP status of the existing ones.


However, Nishant was put into a very helpless situation by Bigg Boss wherein he had to replace the existing VIP members. Nishant choose Tejasswi and Karan and got them replaced by Simba and Pratik which made Tejran fans angry and it let to a trend where Nishant was called Nalla.


India’s Best Dancer judge took to her Instagram handle and shared a collage of pictures with Nishant. Alongside the picture she wrote, “Generally I ignore trollers but i wanna tell fans it’s time I think they learn that a game is a game and it has to be played!”


She further asked the trolls to stop calling Nishant ‘nalla’ and added, “Nishant stands by his friends and has always shown his loyalty but when needed, he calls a spade a spade no matter who they are .. don’t call him “nalla” and be a blind follower.”

Geeta called out the other players, showed her support towards Nishant and said, “There were never on his side and if the tables were turned they would have done the very same … so woh khele toh sab bhala aur nishu khele toh nalla #slowclap”


Take a look at her post here:




Also Nishant’s fans came forward and trended WE ARE PROUD OF YOU NISHANT to show their support to the latter.

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