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Bigg Boss 15 : Ieshaan Sehgaal continues to do the task even after getting bruised badly


Today the energy levels of all the Bigg Boss contestants was on a different level altogether. While Tejasswi, Jay, Vishal and Akasa entered the main house and became the permanent housemates! We saw a huge showdown between the contestants where the housemates tried snatching a portion of the roadmap which would have helped the jungle waasis to enter the main house.


Amidst all this, we saw a strong player who refused to give up even after being severely injured. Ieshaan Sehgaal who got a deep cut between his two eyebrows did not waste a single minute even after getting badly injured. He surely broke the pre-concieved notion of just “seeming” strong but the latter gave it all in making his team win that particular round.


Ieshaan perhaps was the only contestant who played the game diligently without trying to hurt others. On the other hand, the latter who completed the task and was in the changing area when Miesha came and hugged him from behind. The latter told Miesha that “He has an individual personality, and is here to sustain and not divert his mind into other things”.



Miesha then immediately apologized for her miscreants towards Ieshaan, hugged him and cried. Therefore, Ieshaan too forgave her and asked her to let the bygones stay bygones.

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