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Bigg Boss 15 : Nishant Bhat takes a stand for his friend Pratik Sehajpal and strengthens him, says ‘He deserves a fair chance to play’



The Bigg Boss OTT season might have come to an end, but one thing that has been static, that is a few contestants from the season, and most importantly their friendship. Well, you all have already guessed it right, the famous duo of the Bigg Boss 15 house Pratik-Nishant fondly known as ‘PraNish’ are one of those friends who have been standing with each other through their thick and thin. And because of the same, we have got an opportunity to see the softer side of Nishant Bhat who is very lovable and very fair since day one.

In today’s episode the ace choreographer became a bit emotional and said “Kitna hatred hai yaar” and also reiterated his statement that said ‘He deserves a fair chance to play’. But however due to the ongoing animosity inside the house, Nishant had to announce Afsana and Umar’s name as the winners!

Later on, Nishant was seen hugging Pratik and the latter tried to console the former and strengthened him. This showcases their pure bond of friendship and Nishant’s strength as a person who refused to give up in front of the unforseen circumstances inside the house.

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