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Check out the Finger Licking trailer of ‘Medium Spicy’



The recently released trailer of the film ‘Medium Spicy’ not only boasts of the biggest ensemble of stars in Marathi cinema for the big screen, but it promises to be a recipe prepared with flavours of love, friendship, family values, career, relationships and life in general. All in all, it looks like a sumptuous package of emotions that all of us could enjoy taking a bite off.



A fast paced trailer showing glimpses of the life of today’s youngster – Nissim (Lalit Prabhakar), a sous-chef working in a hotel and simultaneously appearing for online interviews for greater work prospects in Paris. Hustling for better life opportunities that the youth of today can identify with. Lalit, who apparently underwent extensive training for almost a month in a live kitchen for this film, plays a chef who is overwhelmed by his friend circle, his family consisting of parents and a younger sister, his colleagues, his love interests and his own ambitions and this looks to be the germ of this film. There seems to be a love triangle of sorts with Parna Pethe playing Prajakta and Sai Tamhankar aka Gowri, both appearing to be at ease in their roles of strong and independent working women of today, who don’t mind taking initiative in their relationships. Both of them share a crackling chemistry with Nissim, raising intrigue on what happens eventually among the three of them?


Indian families form a very big part of every decision and when Neena Kulkarni playing Lalit’s mother says that ‘don’t bring home a white foreigner for a daughter-in-law’, it will resonate with audiences of all age groups! As is the case when Ravindra Mankani portraying Nissim’s father says ‘you do not understand family’. As if a delightful mix of artists like Neena Kulkarni, Ravindra Mankani, Neha Joshi, Sagar Deshmukh, Pushkaraj Chirputkar and Ipshitaa weren’t enough, the film also boasts a glimpse of the veteran actress – Arundhati Nag, who can be seen on the silver screen after a long hiatus.


Directed by Mohit Takalkar and Produced by Vidhi Kasliwal, the trailer comes with a fresh rhythm and a unique perspective in its storytelling format.


Mohit Takalkar is a renowned director in the theatre world and an editor of repute who has worked in multilingual projects including Marathi, Hindi, Kannada and Urdu. His directorial debut in the Marathi Film Industry is much anticipated.


A film produced under the banner of Landmarc Films; Vidhi Kasliwal who heads the Production House is known for her interesting choice of subjects. Written by the talented Irawati Karnik, the film will release on 17th June and looks to be a delicious dish ready to be served all over Maharashtra.

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