Director Akash Goila announces his first feature film ‘Delivered’



Starring Vishal Singh and Paribhasha Mishra, the film is based on a story of a single mother


Parenthood, in any form, isn’t an easy job. But that job is only made more difficult when you have to do it alone. For some people, even the thought of parenting with someone makes the idea no less frightening. When you’re a single parent, though, society’s pressures and judgments make it even more difficult. The struggle of a lone parent has been captured by only a few movies. (particularly single mothers) Akash Goila, who’s known for his incredible screenplay and the fresh storyline is all set to bring in his first feature film ‘Delivered’ based on a journey of a single mother.



“I’m very excited to announce Delivered as this will be my first feature film. Stories that are fresh and can make you feel relevant has always excited me. With Delivered, the idea is to take everyone on a roller coaster journey of a single mother’s life. It will not only portray the challenges that they face but also embrace the modern and different take on motherhood. We have a bunch of young and fabulous cast and crew on this. Very excited and can’t wait for the audience to share the love.”, shares Akash Goila.


Vishal Singh shares, “I’m very happy work in Akash Goila’s Delivered. I have always admired Akash’s directory and his screenplay. I totally loved the story when I heard it for the first time. Delivered will be a tribute to all the single moms out there. Can’t wait for this one.”


“A few films have played a significant role in bringing the ‘unique’ journey of single mothers to light. I very much resonate with the idea and the concept of this film. I myself often think about becoming a single mother. I believe in stories and films that are inspiring, being a part of Delivered that itself embraces the unique journey of a single mother is a dream come true.” shares Paribhasha Mishra


Directed by Akash Goila and produced by Filmeraa, the film is scheduled to release in 2022.

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