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Disha Patani has taken ‘fitness goals’ to the next level; kickboxing, gymnastics – Check out this new video

Disha Patani has been giving fans and followers on social media some power-packed glimpse of her performing kicks and not just some ordinary ones but complex and intense. The actress is probably the first from the lot who has pushed the envelope when it comes to fitness.

Doing much more than just working out in the gym, she has eagerly learnt kickboxing and gymnastics, practiced different kinds of flips and jumps.

In this video the actress is seen hopping up to a stack of mats and attempting a proper elevated back-flip with utmost ease.

Disha Patani Video

This video from Women’s day, as an ode to becoming stronger. Disha Patani jabs kicks and jumps like a total pro.


And another flip by the actress that will make you wonder of where she gets all these skills from.



Using the punching bag but not for punching, Disha practices some stable jump kicks. The stability she has attained through the time is so inspiring.



Some round-and-round kicks and still not missing even one. Disha has got her kicks bettered with so much practice and commitment.



A butterfly kick, the actress looks fragile but in spirit stands agile. Disha Patani setting an example and how!





Ever since she has started practicing kickboxing, gymnastics and more she has been working out rigorously – lifting weights even more so. Long hours of practice for different kicks and flips every day. She maintains her physique with all the fitness.


Setting a benchmark for other actress’ to follow, Disha Patani belongs to a different league owing to her fitness.

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