Free Guy (2021) : Movie Review – Dear Video Game Lovers, Here’s your BLOCKBUSTER ENTERTAINER! Just pack in your video game for two hours and “Don’t Have a Good Time, Have A Great Time!”


I didn’t expect this film to be so good, i mean this good that i never imagined i would be screaming in and out while writing this brief review. I am literally having a laugh and excitement right now when i eagerly want to recommend this Fun-tastic ride to you, to kids, to adults i mean everyone.


A bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game. Yet, he has feeling because he’s the first of its kind an Artificial intelligence game player. This connects emotions of viewers and love story to the real world and there’s commercial scam to provide the negative side to fight off. Loved this idea and more than that i enjoyed the humour and spoofs of popular movie characters. That climax scene, the muscular replica, then Captain America’s Shield and we see Chris Steven exclaiming, “What is that?” Too much fun. Thank god they didn’t show Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill for that Star Wars spoof.



There’s much more apart from this but i don’t wanna spoil your experience so watch it for yourself. Ryan Reynolds is funny, creamy and lovable as the lead character ‘Guy’. I kinda liked this name too, ‘Guy’.. Who are you? I am Guy. Still a ‘Guy’, he says. That’s some brainstorming by the writer. Jodie Comer looks glamourous as Molotov, and as Millie too she’s decent. Joe Kerry brings a much needed intelligent character while Taika Waititi gets you busy with the slapstick gags.




Director Shawn Levy has got everything right as far as you’re looking at it as an entertainer and believe me there’s nothing wrong about it. It’s a great popcorn flick and if you are a Video Game lover then it’s even better. A special mention to the writer and screenwriter and before sign off, let me remind you that, “Don’t Have A Good Day, Have a Great Day”.



RATING – 4/5* 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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