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Helmet (2021) : Movie Review – Helmet will break you into laughter as well as teach you to talk openly about an embarrassing but highly important topic.

Helmet Movie Review: From the trailer, Helmet gave an idea about its subject and we all consider it embarrassing. Well, let’s call it a Taboo Subject if embarrassing doesn’t sound like a proper word. Whenever any man or a woman goes to medical shop to buy a Condom, he or she first analyse the atmosphere. What if someone hears? What if someone sees and tell it to others? What will they think about me? Sign language, pointing towards the product and many more awkward questions like this make THIS situation humiliating. ZEE5‘ latest original, Helmet, is an answer to all those unasked questions. It’s Funny but more importantly it’s speechful.

Helmet is A quirky comedy from the heartland of India, it touches upon a topic that is considered embarrassing for most people in India and will showcase the same in a hilariously entertaining manner. Three friends decide to rob a truck full of shipping goods but instead of Mobile Phones they get packets of Condoms. Now, helpless by the sensitivity of this situation, they decide to sell Condoms by covering their faces with Helmets. Then, the fun riot begins and how they manage to sell it or how they get caught is all you have to see in the film.

Helmet Movie Review:

Helmet Movie Review


Aparshakti Khurana is very Lucky to play Lucky as his real life expressions and talking style matches to this reel life character. He is typical hero from the small town/village who knows about the things but isn’t very progressive in his Life. Pranutan Bahl plays his Girlfriend, Rupali, who wants to marry him. She looks beautiful in every scene but her dialogue delivery is just splendid. How bindaas she mouthed those awkward words. Abhishek Banerjee as Sultan and Ashish Verma as Minus are hilarious. Both of them brings plenty of gags. The supporting cast is expectedly fine.

Helmet Movie Review


The music of Helmet is decent. Not any song is too great nor too dull. Thankfully, it doesn’t bore you because all the songs are placed according to situations and runs along with the happenings of the narrative. The screenplay is engaging and pacy. Helmet has dialogues that will break you into laughter. Some are slapstick, some are humourous, some are spoofy but overall it keeps the adult tone alive. Satramm Ramanis direction is sensibile and very organic. He didn’t intensify the scenes and even though few scenes are dragged a little, it don’t harm much. Overall, Helmet is an “Long-lasting” entertainer for adults and wanna be adults.

Helmet Movie Review

RATING – 3.5/5* 🌟🌟🌟✨

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