Himesh Reshammiya releases the 2nd song Dagaa from his hit album ‘Himesh Ke Dil Se’ after Sawai Bhatt’s Sanseinn



Himesh Reshammiya has given his fans a smashing 2021 with the launch of his music label Himesh Reshammiya Melodies and delivered back to back superhits, keeping us all entertained to the T.



The rockstar Himesh Reshammiya has now released his next song, the studio version of Dagaa from his album Himesh Ke Dil Se and it looks as promising as always. After the amazing success of Sawai Bhatt’s Sansein, Dagaa‘s tempo is melodious and focuses on the cycle of love and betrayal.


His blockbuster hit song Surroor 2021 has now crossed 60 million views and 20 million audio streams in v few days where as the very popular song Sansein has passed 30 million and Tere Bagairr has touched 15 million views respectively. That’s no ordinary feat!


Himesh, who has always backed budding and superb talent, such as Darshan Rawal, Akasa Singh, Vineet Singh, Ranu Mondal , Aman Trikha, Mohd Irfan, Avnesha has launched several talents besides this year’s Pawandeep , Arunita Kanjilal and now Dagaa’s singer, Mohd Danish.


“Mohd Danish has a very different texture in his voice which is a rare blend of Sufi & contemporary. Sawai was launched with the 1st song of Himesh Ke Dil Se and that was ethnic, raw and rooted. Where as Mohd Danish is modern and I am very happy with his singing in Dagaa. In my other album Moods With Melodies, I launched Pawandeep & Arunita who are very versatile, with the superhit song Tere Bagairr. I love working with such talented people and they have given my label three blockbusters with record breaking views and streams. The second song from Moods With Melodies and Surroor 2021 is going to be announced soon & the latter will be a grand video based on heartbreak. I’m very happy that Surroor 2021 has now crossed 60 million views where as Sansein has passed 30 million and Tere Bagairr has touched 15 million views respectively. I am extremely and truly grateful to my fans and the immense number of views & streams for my songs” Says Himesh.


The superstar has hinted at a grand video which will release on his birthday, 23rd July and it will be release from the album, Surroor 2021!



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