#Home Movie Review – Home is an Emotional Masterpiece journey into your life which you live daily but don’t actually Live it. 

Malayalam Cinema is unstoppable in 2021. From Classics like ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’, ‘Operation Java’, ‘Drishyam 2’, ‘Nayattu’ to other great films like ‘Aarkkariyam’, ‘Malik’ and ‘Kututhi’ to couple of more notable films like ‘Joji’ and ‘Cold Case’, Malayalam Cinema is giving away quality content with open hands. I have seen all these films so now i am eligible to state my opinion clearly. “#Home” is FILM OF THE YEAR so far and is likely to remain so because it is almost impossible to bring such an outstanding content in so great manners. For me, #Home has also surpassed Bollywood, Telugu and Tamil Classics of this year. It is a film that takes you on a journey into your own daily life, into your family, into your emotions to teach you everything about the same Life which you are living but actually not Living but just passing your days in today’s Digital era.


#Home Movie Review

Home is tremendously rich in writing departement. No other family comes close to this and neither will come i guess. I am considering all the great family dramas while saying this right from Oscar Winning ‘How Green Was My Valley’, George Steven’s ‘I Remember Mama’ to Bollywood Films to modem foreign language films like ‘My Father and My Son’ (2005). Yes, #Home beats them all because it is not just about family, it is about lots of other things too which can’t be explained here. You have to see it, experience it and understand it on your own and then you’ll never ever forget it that’s my promise. Each and every small small nuances here are notable and life-changing, it’s just about your understanding level and if you have it solid then make it more solid because this film might just demolish your thinking power.

#Home Movie Review



From performance to technical aspects to everything you name under cinematic aspects, #Home is an expert’s tutorial book. Not only for viewers but also for filmmakers on how to plant cinematic nuances within dramatic limits. It may not be excessive and agressive about telling the facts, i mean you won’t see any lectures from the characters, that’s old school filmmaking almost 50 years old. Here, #Home tries the leap method, it just hints about the subtle meaning of the scenes and runs away for the next scene only to leave you all alone with your acknowledgement power.



#Home Movie Review


I actually wanted to talk about many scenes and to elaborate the subtle meaning and artistic values of it but i am leaving it open for you all. Who knows, you might understand something better than me and anyways who gives spoilers before recommending a Must Watch Film? Rojin Thomas hasn’t done anything extraordinary till date and that’s a correct statement too if we consider his previous projects but now with this film i can say that the things have changed. With #Home , he has delivered that EXTRAORDINARY MASTERPIECE which is more than enough for me to remember his name forever. What a marvelous designing of sensible subject it is. I am truly speechless Thomas sir. Hats off man. Overall, #Home is film which mustn’t be missed by anybody, whoever he or she is, whatever the age is, just watch it with your whole family and try to understand the mistakes you have done unknowingly and if possible then confess it. Eventually, #Home will make your imperfect life PERFECT! It is a bridge between three generations and we all have them in our families, no?

RATING – 4.5/5* 🌟🌟🌟🌟✨


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