Independence Day Special: Himesh Reshammiya to release another version of his superhit song, Sanseinn sung by Sawai Bhatt called ‘Sanseinn- Tribute to the Nation!’


Himesh Reshammiya has done it again! The musical genius is all set to release an independence day special song, this will be a sequel version of the already super hit song, Sanseninn which garnered 47 million views in no time. The hit machine has decided to release this patriotic song on 10 August, 5 days prior to our Independence Day on 15th August.


The original version of Sanseinn was sung by the talented Sawai Bhatt and this tribute version is also sung by Sawai himself and composed by Himesh.



Speaking on the same, Himesh says that, “The song Sanseinn- Tribute to the Nation blends beautifully with the bravery of the soldiers of our country, who risk their lives everyday in order to protect us. They live away from their families and loved ones. This new tribute to the nation version of sanseinn is a fitting tribute to them and a heartfelt thank you. They are the ones that have inspired me to make this version and this song is for them.”


Song is set to release on 10th August, 2021 on Himesh Reshammiya Melodies YouTube channel.

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