Karan Johar believes Tyaani Jewellery is the natural next step in his creative journey

“This brand of jewellery, this inheritance will now be passed on to my daughter” – said Karan, stating his goal to create a legacy brand for polki jewellery.

Tyaani.com, the Pret jewellery collection launched by Bollywood icon Karan Johar, aims to bring his Midas touch to the world of jewellery design and retail. The filmmaker, writer, actor and talk-show host believes his foray into the world of jewellery is the perfect place to channel his creativity and business savvy.

Insisting this move should come as no surprise, Mr. Johar believes that this venture is a natural extension of his creativity. “As a filmmaker, and someone with creative vision, I naturally gravitate towards things that are aesthetically beautiful and seeped in our tradition.”


“Moreover, in my line of work, I also have the advantage of interacting with many different people and I get a strong sense of the pulse of people, whether it is the movie-going audience, or fashion forward men and women worldwide.” Said Karan as he elaborated on how he plans to use his unique perspective to empower Tyaani’s brand.


Karan Johar

Why Polki jewellery? The visual appeal is what drew him to this style, the fact that it’s completely Indian is what keeps him hooked. “They are jewels that beauty is made up of. That gloss and glamour and grandeur, it has the perfect element of shine, that polki is just stunning!” He said, adding on that this Indian art form remains untapped




“It represents India in so many ways, and to make it more accessible and wearable and more “today” is actually the whole intent behind what all of us want to do at Tyaani, what I want to do at Tyaani.”



Starting off with the simple vision of aesthetics, accountability and accessibility, Mr. Karan Johar is excited by the challenge of creating exquisitely designed, high quality polki jewellery. He believes this jewellery has a place accessorizing women from all walks of life, explaining “I want to see a young woman sport chaandbalis with a classic black dress or drops with their jeans and T-Shirts. Literally from boardroom to brunch to bridal, it has to cover the entire gamut”

“I wanted to create an online platform dedicated to polki jewellery that could reach people who wanted to shop from the comfort of their homes. Also this would make Indian jewellery available globally.
…. a young, dynamic brand, at par with global trends and way ahead of the fashion curve. Something that imbibes our classic values with an eclectic twist.”

While fans of his films are already well aware of Mr. Johar’s affinity for the highest quality, this facet of his personality carries over to the stringent quality checks in place for the entire Tyaani range.

“Each piece at Tyaani is handcrafted in 22KT Gold and studded with natural polki diamonds that have been certified by our in-house jewellery laboratory, where the quality is kept in check with stringent checks through the process.

Additionally, seeing that clients today demand comfort as much as design, we developed and perfected a cutting edge ‘proprietary manufacturing technique’ that controls the weight of the elements used, in order to make the piece more wearable, without compromising on its value.”

With the response garnered by the Tyaani Collection so far, Mr. Johar is thrilled with the success they have experienced, and the potential of what this labour of love can achieve in the future.


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