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Kuruthi (2021) Movie Review – Kuruthi is a praiseworthy attempt to discover cobweb of religious conflicts and antagonism on casteism.

Malayalam Cinema is ruling 2021 like no other cinema industry in India. They have already delivered 4-5 Classic movies this year and many other great films close to Classic tag. Kuruthi is another great film coming from Malayalam cinema and it falls in that second category of ‘Close to Classic’ tag. It has some sensational theories about religious differences, pacifism, violence and undying hatred on casteism which will leave tou in shock. Although, it lacks the concrete ending, it has that agressively executed hard-hitting drama in thriller mode before to worth two hours of your viewing.

The film is about how enduring human relations that transcends boundaries struggle to survive trials of hatred and prejudice. The protagonist in the film looks bit confused which is one of the biggest shortcoming of the film but fortunately the supporting characters and antagonists recovers that loss. It’s a very slow film in the first 40 minutes and offers nothing special related to the main context but once the antagonist enters, it becomes a thrilling action drama. From that moment you are hooked to it for next 80 minutes without any breaks.


Kuruthi 2021 Movie Review


Roshan Mathew plays Ibru (Ibrahim), who is depressed and so not at all charming and intelligent. Though, he is honest to whatever the writer has written for him. Mossa Khader and Murali Gopy are fantastic in supporting roles. The best and most surprising factor in the cast is Prithviraj Sukumaran who plays Laiq, a hardcore antagonist with no strings attached and cold hearted nature. From his entrance till the climax, he just amazes you in every scene. The second best thing about Kuruthi after power-packed performances is it’s writing team. The storyline is surely controversial and hard-hitting and the screenplay is also impactful despite slow start. That low turn in the climax could have been avoided and more aggressive or intellectual ending would have made it an unforgettable film for sure. Cinematography is dull at many occasions but the background score and Music is impressive according to situations.

Kuruthi 2021 Movie Review


Manu Warrier, the director of the film deserves a note of appreciation for trying hands in this complex subject. A cobweb of religious point of views can never satisfy all kinds of audience. It has that curse attached to it but still Warrier goes on to handle sensitive things with clear and straightforward vision. We don’t see such stuff everyday so yes Kuruthi is special in that way. However, the fact cannot be denied that it may hurt the feelings of some communities but that’s the risk they had to take. Overall, Kuruthi is a fabulous product that shouldn’t be missed by smart audience and quality cinema lovers.

Kuruthi 2021 Movie Review

RATING – 4/5* 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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