Pran Studios revives the legendary Chacha Chaudhary on Moj starring Rajpal Yadav, Khali, and Prasad





Chacha Chaudhary, Tinkle, Champak, Panchatantra and Tenali Raman were household Indian comic names a decade ago. Reigniting the nostalgia, India’s number one short video app, Moj, along with Pran Studios revived the acclaimed Chacha Chaudhary in the form of an exciting mini-series for the platform with the official hashtag #ChachaChaudhary. This time, the chucklesome series introduced the iconic Rajpal Yadav as Chacha Chaudhary, The Great Khali as Sabu, and one of Moj’s popular creators, Prasad as Binny Chachi.Till now the hashtag has witnessed over 600 million+ views and counting.


An epitome of courage and wit, Chacha Choudhary has given an entire generation great lessons and this mini-series on Moj is sure to revive old memories of India’s favorite comic characters. The 10 episode mini-series has received a phenomenal response from the community with cumulative views of over 40 million. The most popular video of the series was ‘Chachaji Loves His Pohe’ which crossed 6 million views within 72 hours of its launch.


Commenting on the success of the mini-series, Shashank Shekhar, Sr. Director Content Strategy and Operations, Moj said, “Chacha Chaudhary is one of India’s iconic comic characters, who has been part of growing years of every child, especially from the 80s and 90s. It was a great experience recreating the favorite characters with Pran Studios and India’s legendary personalities Rajpal Yadav and The Great Khali. We are excited to see the extremely talented Moj creator, Prasad, playing the role of Binny Chachi. It is heartening to see the Moj community pour their love for this exclusive mini-series that has already garnered 40 million views and we are confident this number is only going to increase.”


Saraansh Pran, Sr.Brand manager, Pran Studios said, “Chacha Chaudhary has been India’s most favourite comic Character. There’s hardly anyone who has not enjoyed Chacha Chaudhary epic adventure tales along with mighty Sabu. We at PRANS Entertainment have always focused on our IP Characters and prioritised delivering entertaining content. MOJ as a platform has done really well to create short episodes of Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu specially having personalities like Rajpal Yadav and The Great Khali performing the roles perfectly. The campaign has been a great success with all teams working hard.”


Rajpal Yadav said, “Growing up we all have lived through Chacha Chaudhary’s comic books. It felt like a full circle when I was offered the opportunity to play the smart, beloved, and witty Chacha. When it comes to work, I have always enjoyed light-hearted easy narratives and the iconic Chacha Chaudhary tops the genre. I am honored to be a part of this series and it is great to see that Moj is bringing alive what the audiences want the most, riding on to nostalgia and light-hearted entertainment.”


Khali said, “Comedy and nostalgia have been keeping people alive in the toughest of the times, and the revival of Chacha Choudhary on Moj couldn’t have been timed better. It was an enriching experience to play Sabu alongside the very talented Rajpal and I had a great time bringing the fun videos to life meanwhile also entertaining viewers”


Prasad said, “I have played several characters while creating content for my Moj profile, but I never thought I would be acting alongside the legendary Rajpal Yadav and the great Khali, and that too for something as classic as Chacha Chaudhary. I am grateful to Moj for recognizing my talent and giving me the opportunity to be a part of this series as Binny Chachi. It was a great learning experience and a dream come true.”


Log on to Moj now to catch the latest episodes of Chacha Chaudhary starring Rajpal Yadav, Khali, and Prasad.

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