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Pratik Sehajpal hits a new low , targets Ieshaan Sehgaal and says ‘Mere Pant Me Ghusega Kya’?



The controversial reality show of Indian television has entered into it’s fifteenth season and here we get to see the worst and the best side of all the contestants which keeps interchanging everyday. Currently the new entrants inside the house are going through a paranoia as their luggage has been confiscated by Bigg Boss whereas the OTT contestants have come in with an added advantage.



Today, Vishwasuntree asked all the jungle waasis to assemble as she gave them a chance to get their roadmap which was stolen by Pratik. In the process, Ieshaan got a bit excited and started clapping, Pratik who was standing there teased him and called him Miesha’s bodyguard thus resulting in a fight between the two. Pratik then asked Ieshaan to get into his pocket to which Ieshaan retaliated back by calling Pratik a mosquito and asking him to get inside his shoe to which Pratik replied ‘Pant me ghuesga kya ?’.



This comment has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, as the comment itself was very grotesque and has invited backlash for Pratik. Well, in tomorrow’s episode we will also see Pratik getting grilled by the jungle waasis who will be seen giving him a taste of his own medicine.

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