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Rajiv Adatia turns out to be a game changer nominates Vishal Kotian, housemates call it a ‘masterstroke’





Bigg Boss 15 has been upredictable since day 1 where we saw people turning topsy-turvy and changing within a fraction of scecond. But the game has to be played in it’s own way, right? and Rajiv Adatia did the same in today’s episode. Rajiv’s move was considered as a masterstroke by the rest of the housemates.


For the unversed, Bigg Boss had conducted a captaincy task wherein the housemates were told a secret about a fellow housemate. Every time whenever the bell rings, they have to go in the recorder room and record the secret which will result in that particular contestant getting expelled from the game. And Rajiv was told Vishal’s secret by Bigg Boss. But Vishal somehow managed to convince Shamita and Shamita posed as a hurdle as she asked Rajiv to not nominate Vishal.


But when the final bell rang, Rajiv who went inside the recorder room then again came out for some reason but then Bigg Boss said that once you enter the room you cannot step out without recording the statement. Rajiv went back again and recorded the statement which resulted in Vishal getting ousted from the captaincy race.


When Rajiv came out, all the contestants danced with joy except for Shamita and Vishal. Shamita then reprimanded Rajiv who said “He is your brother and not mine”. All the housemates rejoiced his decision by calling it a masterstroke.

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