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Shershaah Movie Review – Shershaah leaves you in tears as well as celebrates hardcore patriotism with commercialized jingoism in War Drama.

War Drama is one of the biggest genres in World cinema in last 100 years or maybe more. Hollywood celebrated this genre like no one else with World War 1 and & World War 2 subjects whereas foreign language cinema focused more on the realistic effects and horrors of the same. In Bollywood, ‘Haqeeqat’ set a benchmark which hasn’t been crossed yet by any other film and for the commercial and massy elements, ‘Border’ became a landmark. Even Border had that unrealistic jingoism but for 90s audience, it was overwhelming stuff and the film still enjoys a cult following in the TV audience. Recently, the biggest thing that came in this genre was ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike‘ which wasn’t a great film at all but the timing was so accurate that people just went for it without thinking about anything. Those actual events that happened around its release left people with anger and the outburst was already captured by the film hence the box office numbers surpassed all expectations. Shershaah is as good as Uri, so yes it also repeated the same mistakes but again, the same commercialized outlook has saved the film. A shocking thing about Shershaah is, it’s an extremely emotional film in those last 10 minutes which leaves everyone with teary eyes.

Tracing the life journey of Param Vir Chakra awardee and army captain Vikram Batra, it stars Sidharth Malhotra in a double role, as Batra and his identical twin brother Vishal, while Kiara Advani plays the role of Vikram’s girlfriend Dimple Cheema. The film does not have any defaming material as we have seen in few films recently and that’s why the clean image of the army and soldiers fills your chest with pride. Having a burden of relating to the biographical genre, the film struggles to establish few important things and in between the love story and the songs do irritate a little bit. Thankfully, that’s not too irritating so one can easily pass those moments to enjoy some great moments later.

Shershaah Movie Review

Shershaah Movie Review


Performance of Sidharth Malhotra is the best we have seen so far. Actually, this is his only 2nd or 3rd acting oriented role while other times he was busy playing a cool, funky guy and here he gets that potential role to showcase different side of his talent. Kiara Advani is more of a powdered doll and if you exclude songs then Shershaah is like a cameo role for her. The Army gang is decent, nothing great which includes Nikitin Dheer, Shiv Pandit and Himmanshoo Malhotra in major roles. Music is fine despite having a misjudged timing in the screenplay. Editing and VFX are okay, though, more accuracy would have been better. Shershaah never bores you because it’s a pacy film, the credit should go to the well written screenplay.

Shershaah Movie Review


War Genre is an open genre, it does not limit you with anything so it can be used for anything you want. Hollywood used it for patriotic films, for musicals, for biographicals, for controversial films, for hard-hitting dramas and for sensational theories. Even recently Hollywood made Masterpiece films like ‘The Hacksaw Ridge’ and ‘1917’. Well, Bollywood is far behind. When Hollywood made a film like ‘Patton’, Bollywood was not even making mainstream war films and what a freaking amazing classic Patton was and is even today. That high-quality filmmaking is missing now days and for bollywood it’s like, almost 50 years ahead from Today. We can be happy with films like Uri and Shershaah as our masses and TV audience would never complain about it so Yes, Shershaah is definitely watchable. Director Vishnuvardhan has certainly made a watchable film. But never forget that the potential for Biographical-War drama is always unlimited, and like I said not every film can be ‘Patton’. So, overall Shershaah has everything one can expect from a commercial patriotic drama and i strongly believe that it deserved to be viewed on big screen.

Shershaah Movie Review

RATING – 3.5/5* ???✨

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