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Shiddat : Movie Review – An Ullu App Product mistakenly dumped on Hotstar. Shiddat deserves slaughtering, not normally but Shiddat se..


Shiddat gave negative Vibes from the trailer only so i wasn’t really expecting it to be even an average affair. Well, I was expecting a below average film or a headache but not this MESS. The film is such a mess created by mixing multiple storylines of different different movies that it doesn’t hold anything for its own identity. To be specific and sarcastic at the same time to describe it, i would say DDLJ + Love Aaj Kal + Jagame Thadiram + Laila Majnu + Argo = Shiddat. I hope, i have made it much clear now.



Shiddat is about a passion of love and even its title refers the same but unfortunately it’s more curved towards sexual appeal, immature love statements made by undisciplined youth and weak bond held between relationship. Mohit Raina plays Gautam who is in love with Ira played by Diana Penty and they get married. In wedding reception speech he talks about passionate love and a gatecrasher named Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) finds it touching. Jaggi meets a gorgeous girl Kartika (Radhika Madan) and both have an intimate affair. Things looked quite funny till here then we get to know that Kartika is already engaged with someone and moving to London for the wedding. Jaggi confronts Kartika about this and she calls it a platonic affair and asks him to wait 3 months and to come to London if he really loves him.



The story is told with the reference of DDLJ but the only difference here is that the true love feeling is missing. As expected Jaggi gets involved in an illegal immigration scam where he meets his saviour Gautam, who, now is separated from Ira. The Fiasco gets even more messy as we get involved into multiple storylines at the same time. What happens in the climax? Let’s not reveal it here as i don’t want to give away spoilers. Who knows you might like it.


Performances of Sunny Kaushal and Mohit Raina are good. Sunny is definitely a promising young talent and this is the second time i am saying this after Forgotten Army. Diana Penty is decent whereas Radhika seems up and down after a while. Dialogues are senseless, cheap and too vulgar sometimes. Even forwarded adults jokes on whatsapp or immature teenagers’ conversations are more funnier than this. The writing is definitely problematic as it tries to glamourise immortal love sagas from old days with modern definitions of love. It fails flat, completely annoying and unbearable. And it takes so long to end it, i mean one can get bored like hell. Kunal Deshmukh as director fails to leave an impact but thankfully his framework doesn’t go to B Grade level as we saw in recent crap movies. Overall, another bad film from Bollywood and another wrong choice by Hotstar. Skip it.. Shiddat se..


RATING – 2/5* 🌟🌟

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