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“Television is my home”, say actor Mohit Malik

You’re probably going to want to erase 2021 from your lives like everybody else but for actor Mohit Malik, this year has been more than special.

The actor couple, Mohit & Addite became parents to a baby boy this April & they often share unfiltered glimpses of their parenting journey.

A complete hands-on daddy, if his social media posts are anything to go by, Mohit is subliminally setting the right example of teamwork when it comes to bringing up a child. As much as we love to see a different side of the seasoned actor, fans miss him on television.

Recently rumors were rife that the Kulfi Kumar Bajewala star is shying away from television after turning down Khatron Ke Khiladi. Mohit later clarified as to why he had to turn down the reality show as it was scheduled to be shot around Addite’s due date.

Asserting why he will never leave television, Mohit who was last seen on Star Plus’s ‘Lockdown Ki Lovestory’ shares, ‘I’ve maintained my statement & stand by it. I will never leave Television. Television is my home. I feel it gives me the amazing opportunity to go on set every single day and work, and as an actor, there is no greater joy than the joy of being on set. What’s better for an actor to go on sets every day and shoot for 12 to 15 hours. Sets have been my home and will continue to be so. The energetic vibe that a show set gives out makes me feel lucky to be a part of this amazing field and profession. I have cherished every moment on the sets of all my shows, as set pe hone ka maza hi Kuch aur hai”.

Often actors complain about how television actors are working for longer than usual working hours. Mohit however has another perspective, ‘Working on a TV show daily is like Riyaz. Roz set pe jao, ache scenes Karo, set wali family ke Saath time spend Karo, and all the additional memories that are created which enhance the life of a show, even more, are things I truly cherish about every show I have been a part of till date. The shows I have worked on till now have only helped me grow and enhance myself as a performer and an actor which I am truly grateful for. While there are different views about the current scenario of Indian television, at the moment this is my comfort zone, this is where my interests lie, this is where I plan to work on my personal and professional growth in all aspects, there is where all the love and appreciation comes from and being a part of this medium gives me utmost happiness”.

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