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Thalaivii : Movie Review – Kangana Ranaut and Arvind Swami rocks but the movie does not because of non-cinematic & unconventional life of Jayalalithaa.


While looking at any biopic, i always seek for inspiring tales and socially-challenging characters. To be frank, a star’s life or any politician’s struggle is not what i find fit for it. Instead, i would love to know the story of an underdog who has done tremendous work in his life or someone whom i can call legend in that field. Jayalalithaa’s life can be viewed in two parts, one is her film career and second is her political career. In Thalaivii, the writers have tried their best to trim it and settle down for 150 minutes or so, but have failed considerably to understand the cinematic perspectives of the story. Her pre-political life looks so cold, dry and soulless and that unconventional affair/love story with MGR never found any ethical meaning. Thalaivii will take you into a boredom in the first half but fortunately the second half is powerful so, it becomes an Average Watch overall.



The film is about Actress and Politician Jayalalithaa and her career, love, struggle, fights and almost everything any masala script can promise. Actually, the problem appears in the unconventional life of her by the time it starts looking conventional, it’s too late. The first is about her film career, her bonding with her mother and her love affair with Superstar MGR who is already married twice. I don’t see how that makes too much sense to showcase unethical character like this with so much of proud? Let her political career be the reason to be proudly presented. And that foeship with RM Veerappan was damn too outdated. The same script could have been crafted better and then i might have felt the greatness of her character. However, i had feelings for her in the second half and even though it was lot more dramatic than needed, i still quite had tears at couple of occasions.





Kangana Ranaut as Jayalalithaa an actress is not that good but as a Politician, she has nailed it. Those early days of her career didn’t have much varities so i can’t blame Kangana for looking Kangana only on screen. Later, in the second half Kangana gets those varities and blossoms like a matured actress. Arvind Swami as MGR looks like MGR, especially with that white Cap and Black Goggle. His accent sounded little dull here and there but otherwise he is fantastic. Raj Arjun plays RMV and what an amazing act he present. Though, his character sucks big time, he as actor never looked out of it. The supporting cast is okay, nothing too great nor too bad.





Thalaivii is stretched by the songs which were necessary for the commercial purpose but doesn’t really leave an impact. That Bharatnatyam song was grand and lavish but the audio sounded underwhelming. Dialogues are fine, sometimes dramatic but mass oriented where one can clap and scream. The screenplay is terribly slow in the first half but better in the second half. Vijay’s attempt to glorify Jayalalithaa’s life on screen might please her die hard fans but for neutral audience and classes, this story has got nothing much interesting. Those people can watch it only and only for Kangana and Arvind’s performance, rest strictly Average.


RATING – 3/5* 🌟🌟🌟

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