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Toofaan Movie Review – Toofaan is a new form of same old mediocrity and cliches survived by good performances.

Toofaan gave away a lot from the trailer, actually, everything about the storyline, set up, conflicts and even the best scenes too. So, having not saved anything for the final product took away a big chunk of impact from the film. Even if they had saved it, i don’t think it would have made any big difference but still it would have had something to say at least. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is not a director of consistency, you can see he has one average film after every good film he has made. Take Rang De Basanti and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag for instance, he didn’t make that high quality after these two. Toofaan was giving positive vibes when it was announced but when trailer came out we all got the idea that it was nothing new and the final product is nothing different. Toofaan could have had better conflicts and more conviction like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (true story always helps) but maybe it was just too late for Bollywood to have such a mediocre film in 2021. The same film 15 years back, would have been a better watch.

Toofaan Movie Review

Toofaan is a story of Ajju Bhai, an extortionist, a goon who gets addicted to Boxing and decides to become a respectable Boxer- Aziz Ali. There are lot of conflicts in this story which makes sense from their own point of views such as differences on religion and the same causing a big way out to the hero and the heroine of the film and that fixing segment etc. but let me remind you as we are in 2021, these are called cliches and not new stuff. That’s the biggest problem with the film followed by long runtime.

Toofaan Movie Poster

Farhan Akhtar plays Ajju Bhai and Aziz both very honestly. His dedication, physical transformation, accent everything looks good but he should have worked better on his dialogue delivery and the sounding. Mrunal Thakur is a pleasant face to watch throughout the film, with no complaints about her. Paresh Rawal and Mohan Agashe are very experienced actors and it can be seen in many scenes that how they work on small nuances. Hussain Dalal has got some funky dialogues and it would have been better if Vijay Raaz had more screen space. Overall, the acting unit is very fine and the technical aspects are decent. Music to works much better in the film from the video songs we have seen earlier.

Toofaan Movie Review:

Toofaan Movie Review


There was nothing that could have survived this mediocre writing, but still Toofaan doesn’t become a Crap or an unbearable headache or something like that because the actors and director had already understood the limited potential of the film. Mehra tries his everything to make it look better but fails, however, he did not lose basic sense of mainstream filmmaking and that’s why Toofaan end up as a pretty watchable flick. Overall, nothing too bad nor anything too good yet an watchable affair for the dedicated performances and regular storyline.

RATING – 3/5* 🌟🌟🌟

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