Uncover the misty secrets of Rohtak Sisters with Glitz Teleplay’s upcoming web series


Rajora Entertainment presents Glitz Teleplay’s ‘Rohtak Sisters’ which is a web series inspired by true events that occurred in Haryana. Two girls beat three boys in a bus for misbehaving with them. Their bravado soon gained fame. They commit more acts like this till three boys file a police complaint against them which eventually drags out for over five years. Both girls hire an attorney to defend themselves. The lawyer may be described as fierce, intelligent, and quick-witted who tried to tackle the allegations on the girls.



In the words of director Manoj Singh, “My curiosity was aroused when I first heard about the concept of the show. My interest was further piqued when I learned that it was based on true events. We have been shooting the show back to back and having fun along the way. My team and stars are enthusiastic workers and we can’t wait for the audience to see the show and tell us how much they enjoy it!”


The show is being shot in Bhopal. 12 February was the Muhurat day. The star cast present there were Mrunal Jain, Aditya Kumar, Gaurav Sharma, Sonam Arora, Urvi Singh, Flora Saini, Shweta Khanduri, Tej Sapru, Ehsaan Khan, Komal Preet Singh, Vikram Kochhar, Muni Jha, Smita Sharan and others. The series is being produced by Glitz Teleplay helmed by Bachchan Tomar and Azra Syed. It is directed by Manoj Singh. It will be a web show with a series of seven episodes.



The show’s executive producer is Buniyad Ahmad. This script is by Abid Nissar. Sonu Singh Rajput is the casting director and the DOP is Dharmendra Biswas.

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