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Vidhi Pandya slams Shamita Shetty for targetting Nishant Bhat, says ‘Ab opinion rakhne ke naam pe bina matlab ki ladayi karogi?’




Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss episode was quite an emotional one. All the housemates recieved gifts from their families on the account of Diwali. But as always, nothing comes easy. The housemates could get the gifts only if they convince the captainship contenders to give them the fuel slots to reach the happiness station from where they had to collect the gifts. In the end, whoever has the maximum slots will end up being the captain, Umar and Miesha were the two contenders.



But on the other hand, the interesting part was the huge showdown between Shamita and Nishant. Shamita who could not even get a single slot owing to her spoiled relations in the house had to put her gift in the dustbin. After a couple of hours, Nishant and Tejasswi were seen singing and cracking up jokes in the house which Shamita thought is targeted towards her. The actress then lambasted at Nishant but got a witty reply from the latter instead. Nishant said “Don’t take jokes on you that weren’t meant for you. I only joke with people who can take them sportingly”




Vidhi Pandya too came out and bashed Shamita openly, expressing her opinion on twitter, she wrote “Really sick of Shamita for slammin Nishant for laughing/doin masti.. which hd nothin to do wid any1 cryin ..I knw bola gaya hai ki opinions rakho speak ur heart out lekin is process mai don’t loose your mind ,Matlab ab opinions rakhne ke naam pe bina matlab ki ladai karoge?”



In the past, Shamita has often indulged into altercations due to her “misinterpreting” nature. And nonetheless, this time she however seems to have got the taste of her own medicine.

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