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Vidya Balan pays a tribute to the passion of devotion of local artists on Handloom Day

One look at Vidya Balan‘s social media is enough to depict her love for handlooms and local designers. The actress has always promoted local business against the high-end brands offering a platform for the small-scale industries across the nation to showcase their talent.

Marking the occasion of Handloom Day, Vidya Balan penned a heartwarming note encouraging everyone to promote the local artisans. (IC – Instagram)

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Sharing pictures of herself in a silk handloom saree, Vidya Balan said, “The beauty of silk blossoms in the handlooms. The artistry and allure of Handloom Indian Silks are unmatched. Let us wear handloom silk products with pride and celebrate the magical creations of our weavers, today and everyday! That alone would be a fitting tribute to their passion and devotion towards their masterful craft.” (IC – Instagram)

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While celebrities normally opt for international or renowned brands, Vidya has been actively preferring local brands while promoting Indian local weavers.

Over the years, Vidya Balan has opted for not just wearing local handloom products but also extensively promoting them through her social media. Being vocal about her fondness and support for the artisans, Vidya Balan has even worn sarees from her wardrobe in her films. (IC – Instagram)

In Shakuntala Devi, stylist Niharika Bhasin used Indian Sarees from her mother’s wardrobe while some sarees were taken from Vidya’s personal wardrobe, promoting clothes designed by local artisans.

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Even during promotions of her films, Shakuntala Devi and Sherni, Vidya Balan opted for only Indian clothes which were mostly works from local weavers from small scale industries and remote places of India, hustling through social media amidst the pandemic. Offering a helping hand to the media and fashion industry blooming in the heartlands of the nation, Vidya Balan has provided a platform for them to flourish.

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