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Industry hasn’t taken Zeeshan’s eviction too well, publically call out the makers of Bigg Boss, check out the reactions here..

In an unfortunate turn of events, one of Bigg Boss OTT‘s strongest contenders who was known to remind audience of Salman Khan from the 90s, Zeeshan Khan was eliminated after an altercation with controversies’ child Pratik Sehajpal.

This is not the first time, the show has witnessed a verbal brawl which tends to turn physical. Each year, we’ve had fights & disagreements that have turned pretty ugly but an effective immediate elimination has never been a course of action. This time around, with Zeeshan’s elimination that shocked the inmates & also some ex contestants & show loyalists alike, the makers have been on the receiving end of some mindful criticism.

Zeeshan Khan’s Comment:

Bigg Boss OTT Troll


Actor Tina Datta & a friend of the actor boldly put out a message saying, ‘We want justice’ many other actors chimed in calling it unfair in bold letters.

Many even pointed out that he was instigated & what he did was an equal reaction of an action.

Zeeshan Khan


Roadies winner Arun Sharma stated the obvious, he put up a photo of zeeshan revealing his injury marks & wrote, ‘This guy deserves to go back in the house.’


Zeeshan Khan


Varun Sood, Divya’s beau also actively supported calling out the makers of the show as an unfair move.


Ex contestant & an actress Kishwer Merchant too wrote that Zeeshan’s elimination is unfair.


Most of the audience is still coming to terms with the elimination of Ridhima followed by Zeeshan. History is proof that such acts were unaccounted for or warnings were given, but a direct eviction hasn’t gone down too well with the fans of the show. We wonder if the makers are willing to change their mind. Looks like Zeeshan made a a strong support system in 2 weeks of his tenure inside the house.

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