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I Know You (2020) – Bollywood Hindi Movie

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  • Movie Name – I Know You (2020) Hindi Movie
  • Release Date – Nov 2020
  • Cast – Riyana Shukla, Akhilesh Verma, Muzahid Khan, Nikita Soni, Neha Sagarika
  • Director – Jayveer Panghaal

Synopsis – A group of six friends is lured to a house through a text message from someone claiming to know a dark secret from their past. But soon the whole thing turns out to be a trap. Who will die? Who will survive?  I Know You Is The Story Of Its Own Kind Where Suspense Meets Horror. Story Revolves Around Raman, Suraj , Anamika , Nikita And Yogita And Aditya. They Are Good Friends Since Collage But These Days They Like In Their Own Life And Happily Enjoying Their Lives Until One Message Reaches To Them And Destroys Their All Happiness. Now That Message Is About Their Biggest Crime That They Admitted During College Days.

Cast & Crew : 

  • Star Cast –
    • Riyana Shukla as Anamika
    • Akhilesh Verma as Raman
    • Muzahid Khan as Suraj
    • Nikita Soni as Nikita
    • Neha Sagarika
    • Gurudev Aneja
    • Agast Anand
  • Director – Jayveer Panghaal
  • Producer – Jayveer Panghaal
  • Production House – Mates Entertainments
  • Writer -Jayveer Panghaal
  • Screenplay – Jayveer Panghaal
  • Dialogues –
  • Lyrics – Jayveer Pangmaal
  • Sound Design – Priyansu Raj, Pinki Jha
  • Sound Score – Puneet Dixit
  • Music – Deen Mohd
  • Background Music –
  • Cinematography (DOP) – Abhay Anand
  • Editor – Alok Singh
  • Art Director –
  • Costume –
  • Make-up – Roby Singh
  • Choreographer : Akhilesh Verma
  • DI Colorist – Ravi Parashar
  • Genre – Drama, Horror
  • Release Date – Nov 2020

I Know You Bollywood Hindi Movie Poster :

I Know You Bollywood Hindi Movie Trailer : 

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