Women, Boobs & Bra – Actress Hemangi Kavi’s Opinion

Actress Hemangi Kavi, who is extremely active on social media, was tried for trolling from a video on her Instagram. But the actress had stopped talking to the netizens by answering as she did. She was directly supported by many celebrities on this post. Now another actress has given her opinion on lingerie.

This time, Hemangi has commented on the unspoken topic of “women, boobs and bras” on her Facebook post. “Those who like to wear bras with pleasure, those who are comfortable, they should wear them, walk, anything! Their choice! But why should those who don’t like it be looked at differently! Or why should it be imposed? ” Such content has been posted.

Hemangi shared a post on her Instagram after some netizens commented on the video. In this, Hemangi Kavi has heard the trolls from clothes very well. She said, “Yes, I have breasts. He has nipples just like men! My breasts move as I move my limbs while walking. Because I am a mammal. Is female! My threefold salute to those who do not move. Now it is my choice whether to wear underwear (bra) at home, outside, on social media. ”

Hemangi Kavi Instagam Post:

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