Bollywood filmmaker Santosh Gupta’s wife and daughter committed suicide

Bollywood filmmaker Santosh Gupta’s wife and daughter burnt themselves alive in a suburban area in Andheri. According to information available by the police, Santhosh Gupta’s wife’s name was Asmita Gupta and her daughter’s name was Srishti Gupta. According to a PTI report, the mother-daughter in the DN Nagar area of ​​Andheri West flamed herself at home on Monday afternoon After handing over the information to the neighbors, they informed the fire brigade after which the incident came under discussion. Both of them were rushed to Cooper Hospital where Asmita was declared dead, while Santosh’s daughter Srishti, which had burned up to 70 percent, was shifted to Airoli National Burns Center on Tuesday, where she too succumbed a day after her mother died.

What was the reason for self-immolation?
According to available information, Asmita had been facing a kidney problem for a long time, due to which she took this step, while her daughter could not bear her mother’s sufferings, due to which she also committed self-immolation with her mother. According to senior police inspector Bharat Gaikwad of the police station, “We have registered two separate accidental death cases which are under investigation.”

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