“I want to gift a song to Neha & Sonu Di,” reveals Tony Kakkar on Rakshabandhan special episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs

Zee TV’s popular singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs has won the hearts of all its viewers yet again post the lockdown. Be it the grand comeback episode on 18th July or the mythological-special last weekend, the supremely talented contestants mesmerised the audience with some phenomenal performances. This week, the viewers are in for an even more spectacular treat as the popular Kakkar siblings – Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar and
Sonu Kakkar will grace the show and encourage the contestants in a Rakshabandhan special episode. But that’s not it! The upcoming episode will also witness a heartfelt moment amongst the siblings as they go on to share some of their secrets and the amount of love and respect they have for each other.

Taking the Kakkars on a trip down memory lane was none other than contestant Ranita Banerjee who gave a beautiful rendition to two songs sung by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar themselves; ‘Oh Humsafar’ & ‘Mile Ho Tum Humko’. Recalling the memories behind the songs, an emotional Tony revealed how the music piece was actually a surprise gift for his sister, Neha. The duo also went on to then credit the presence of their elder sister, Sonu who has been nothing less than a rock solid pillar in their life. Beginning her musical journey on a spiritual note, Sonu Kakkar began pursuing her dream towards music at young age by singing at Jagratas in Rishikesh. It was later that Neha and Tony joined her, and this sibling trio traversed from Rishikesh to Mumbai to finally live the dream they were longing for since their childhood. While they faced challenges in their journey, no storm was big enough to even put a scratch on this power sibling trio. As they climbed the ladder of success to reign over the hearts of millions with their peppy tunes and melodious voices, the siblings believe that its their solidarity that has really held them together every step of the way. Overwhelmed while recalling the support and strength that his sisters have been all along, Tony said he will record a song with his sisters very soon as a gift for their steady support. He also shared, “I feel extremely blessed that I have these two rock solid women of substance to fall back on. Ever since we embarked on the path of music, my sisters were the stars of the show and rightly so. I gained immense joy to be able to even take part in the chorus. They have always provided me with a sense of belonging which is why I probably never felt left out between them. Neha and Sonu have been there through all my big and small hurdles and have taken great care of me so much so that  I owe all my success to them. I would be a nobody if it weren’t for having these incredible women on my side. They inspire me.”

Adding to her brother’s heartfelt words towards their elder sister Neha shared, “I say this with pride, that Sonu Didi is our backbone and I look up to her. I remember she used to work so hard and keep pushing herself, just so that we get a better life. From travelling via buses to singing till she drops at Jagratas, she has done it all for us. We have seen some really bad times, when we were not as privileged, but Sonu didi never let any of that get to herself or us and gave us hope to look forward to better days. She indeed gave us a better life than we could’ve hoped for.”

A ray of hope and sunshine for both her siblings, Sonu Kakkar, eldest of the Kakkar siblings has been an ardent devoutee of Durga Maata and has held utmost faith in the power of this Goddess.  As a part of the Rakshabandhan special episode Sonu got a holy Maata Ki Chunari to pass it on to the two best performers of the night, Tanishka and Aryananda  with the belief that it would bring an abundance of luck to the Li’l champs that deserved it. All in all, the upcoming episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs will have a lot of melodies, memories and surprises from the very talented Kakkar Siblings for the viewers.

To watch this Raskhabandhan special episode, tune in to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs this Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm, only on Zee TV!

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