Euphony Official never fails to surprise fans: release of ‘Le Chal Mujhe’ is already winning hearts!

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Euphony Official has never failed to have its audience to be in awe of their amazing and soulful music all over India. Euphony Official was formed in 2015 and doing great since then! The formation of this band took place when all the members of the band started performing together in the same college, they would participate in the University Competitions as a group and then they thought of working as a band (Vocal Band) and started experimenting on their original compositions. Their journey in the truest form started with local shows/events. They have since then moved its audience with their meaningful lyrics written and composed by themselves.

Le Chal Mujhe has been our personal favourite from most of our originals its because it definitely talks about the struggle and knowing that we started off from the scratch to where we are today, it was indeed a journey that will always be remembered. ‘Le Chal Mujhe’ is one of the songs from our 1st EP ‘Main Kahan. Also knowing that the crowd enjoyed it so much when we performed it live for the first time, it was like a cherry on the top of the cake” says Sanish Nair who is the lead vocalist of the band.

Le Chal Mujhe has to be one of their latest tracks, talking a little about the song; the song is about all the emotions we see when we are in a toxic relationship. It’s all about losing yourself to someone who is somewhere going to destroy you emotionally. This song is written out of all the personal experiences had by the lead vocalist of the band, Sanish Nair.

Not only have Euphony Official gained popularity and love through their originals, but they have also been uploading various snippets of their performances on various platforms on social media along with different languages which has been popularly known.

Le Chal Mujhe (Live) – Euphony Originals

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