Reason revealed behind refusing selfies at the airport; Sunny Leone

Reason revealed behind refusing selfies at the airport; Sunny Leone

The actress who is very humble when it comes to replying to her Instagram posts, taking selfies with the Fans present in her sets, greeting every time passing by, now turned out to refusing taking selfies with her fans at the airport. She was badly trolled for the same by citizens calling her rude and making fun of her for her tantrums and attitude!

Here is the reason why she did so. This was all done intentionally by her because of fear of trending and scary communicable disease named as “coronavirus”, she feared that it would eventually pass on to her and her family.

So her intention was nevertheless not bad towards her fans but was just trying to stay away and refusing selfies for the purpose of protecting and safeguarding her family, revealed by Sunny Leone in her interaction with Zoom TV in an interview.

For her, getting hatred, trolls, neglecting isn’t a new thing and she said that she literally doesn’t give a damn even if she gets trolled badly for protecting herself, her husband, her children and her driver from the deadly virus.

While speaking on this topic of her trolling, she continued saying that it’s very unfair to get into the personal space of someone without their permission and to start speaking shit without knowing the actual reason. It’s really disheartening to know that people don’t understand others emotions and just start trolling them for fun, she said that all the trollers should be put in the same situation and them they themselves should be a victim of getting trolled for no reason such that they can actually understand how bad it feels.

Sunny even posted on Instagram a picture with her husband saying that “Safe is the new cool” and asking her fans to not to take coronavirus lightly, suggesting them to be safe and smart.


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