Rubina Dilaik on Shakti completing 5 years, Shakti helped change my life in a bigger and better way

Rubina Dilaik as ‘Soumya’ on Shakti -Astitva Ek Ehsaas Ki became a widely recognized household name, bringing the show to great heights and making its run a successful 5 year one.

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As Shakti completes 5 glorious years on air, Rubina Dilaik gets emotional about her attachment to the show and it being a big game-changer for her career and bringing out her true versatility as an actor.”Shakti gave my career a second chance and this show drastically changed my career graph. Shakti helped me build myself as an actor in many ways, and helped me showcase my versatility as an actor and a performer. Shakti gave me so much recognition and fame that people actually went back a good 6 -7 years to see the kind of work I had been a part of back then. So yes, Shakti helped me change my life in a bigger and better way”, shares Rubina Dilaik.

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Speaking about her strong connection with ‘Soumya’, Rubina Dilaik shares, “I am very attached to my character Soumya. The role has emotionally and mentally connected so well with me that I don’t have to act it out, but I instead just portray it and there truly is a huge difference between the two. Playing the character always came out of natural instinct and right from within my heart to me”.

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