Bhoot Movie Review 2020

Bhoot Movie Review

Bhoot Movie Review


Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal): A ‘ Young Navigation Agent ‘ who tries to expose the secrets of a jinxed ship is being troubled by a massive loss. Is he going to live to tell the story?


In spite of a repeated script, the actor succeeds in delivering reliably, many times. Bhumi Pednekar as Prithvi’s wife puts in a brief special appearance while the role of Ashutosh Rana is portrayed too lightly to be taken seriously. Rana plays the learned Joshi, who walks around like an old voltmeter to chase the ghost. If that doesn’t happen, he ends up singing mantras.

The horror films usually have a number of hallmarks to effectively scare their viewers. These include well-timed jump scares, an alarming background score, trustworthy computer graphics (CGI) and make-up (where necessary) which make the characters look really scary. But the make-up here ends up making the characters look unintentionally funny instead of frightening. The film manages to throw in a few terrifying moments while retaining a dramatic background score. The CGI also gives away even as cinematography to establish the eerie atmospherics is constantly dark. But all of this is in the name of a tale that will not stay alive for a long time.

The movie starts with a chilling scene on the basis of an actual event. Through this movie, Bhanu Pratap Singh begins to taunt us with flashes that caused Sea-Bird to become the terrifying ship. That is juxtaposed with the poignant past of Prithvi. Solving Sea Bird’s mystery in death gives Prithvi’s life a sense of purpose. Vicky Kaushal carries his character’s guilt, and his newly found mission, to the fullest sincerity. Given a boring script that places him in exactly the same situation, the actor continues to consistently deliver, several times over.

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While the film is short, the pace seems exhausting, because most of the scenes are unexpectedly concluded and you are waiting for the large disclosure. Its relevant history, however, is not sufficiently compelling to make this waiting worthwhile. For a horrific tale,’ Bhoot Part One of the Hungry Boat’ does not give your spine chills. It can give you just a few spooks at best.

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