The Production Headquarters UK does a five film association with MP tourism

Mohaan Nadaar’s Production Headquarters – UK has rolled its first film “Hush“ out of 5 films slate in association with Madhya Pradesh tourism and Madhya Pradesh film division.

Thriller “Hush” is directed by Asshu Trikha and Produced by Mohaan Nadaar and stars Malti Chehar, Kittu Gidwani, Ashish Sharma, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Harry josh, Rituraj Singh, Bikramjeet, Partha Akerkar.

The company has planned something big for Indian cinema in the context of global reach. The production headquarters have decided to extend the reach to the regional areas by bringing national and international crew to film in Madhya Pradesh of the state Goverment and the new schemes promoting filming in Madhya Pradesh has given a shot in the arm

Mohaan Nadaar says, “Due to this pandemic everyone is going through tough situations. Since 6 months many people have lost their jobs. Even people in my crew were running short of money. Thus, commencing shoot of Hush is a new beginning for all of us to overcome this situation. For the shooting location of the film we decided to select towns like Shivpuri so that the filming can be done in controlled Envoirement with limited crew without affecting the ecosystem of the locals.

Thanking people who served the great support Nadaar says, “Special thanks to shri Sheo Shankar Shukla, shri Ram Tiwari, madam Sonia Menon and Anil Patil and other officials from Madhya Pradesh Tourism and Madhya Pradesh Film division.”

Rat on a Highway starring Randeep Hooda was the last film produced Produced by Mohan Nadaar. The production headquarters UK produces /co-produce films which are exclusively shot in the UK with crew from all over the world. We specifically look to produce films that are high in content.


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