OK Computer Web Series Trailer Watch Now.. Radhika Apte, Vijay Verma, Jackie Shroff

OK Computer is India’s first-ever sci-fi comedy series starring Radhika Apte, Vijay Verma, Kani Kusruti & Jackie Shroff. Directed by Neil Pagedar, Pooja Shetty, Anand Gandhi. OK Computer will be releasing on Disney+ Hostar VIP on 26th March 2021.

OK Computer web series trailer is about, the year is 2031. In a New India – of towering smart holograms and drone superhighways – hard-boiled Cyber Crime detective Saajan Kundu is called out of retirement when a self-driving taxi is hacked and ordered to kill an anonymous human victim.

We have stone-age emotions, industrial-age institutions, and space-age technology – how are we going to reconcile our intentions with a future that arrives faster than we can imagine it? In the absence of legal or moral precedents for crimes committed by Artificial Intelligence, who does the justice system frame charges against? Errant technology or its human inventors?’

Watch OK Computer Web Series Trailer:

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