ZEE5 released the trailer of its Original Film ‘Tiki-Taka’

Tiki-Taka ZEE5 Original Film Download

A one-of-a-kind situational comedy blended with errors and tons of laughter  Directed by Parambrata Chattopadhyay who will star as the lead Raju (the taxi driver), Saswata Chatterjee will be seen in a comic role as the muted / humming drug lord named PK, Emona Enabulu as Khelechi, Ritabhari Chakraborty as Bonnie in pivotal roles

National, 4th September 2020: ZEE5 has been curating and creating the best content since inception and recently announced ‘Tiki-Taka’, a laugh riot situational comedy that revolves around the adventure of Khelechi in India, a Senegalese native. The video streaming platform just released the trailer of ‘Tiki-Taka’, and you will see that the characters from the film are making all the right moves to tickle your funny bone.

The film is structured around Khelechi (a Senegalese football player) and Raju’s (taxi driver) adventure in the city. The trailer will tell the audience how the narrative will move from one error leading to another situation when PK’s (the drug lord) men accidentally pick up the wrong African guy from the airport. Khelechi has arrived in India with a football laden with narcotics, in a bid to save his dying mother back home. That’s when the adventure of Khelechi and Raju begins. But the question is, will Raju succeed in convincing Khelechi in taking part the biggest football game in the city? Or will home ridden and lost Khelechi finally escape from the drug lords to make his way back to Africa?

‘Tiki-Taka’ will star Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Raju, who is a street-smart cabbie catering to his own whims and Saswata Chatterjee will be seen in a comic role of a drug lord named PK who is heir to a long-forgotten feudal family, a man known for his love of beetle-leaf and humming instead of talking.

The film will also star Emona Enabulu as Khelechi, Ritabhari Chakraborty as Bonnie in pivotal roles. The film is directed by Parambrata Chattopadhyay and is produced by his company Roadshow films along with Shri Ratan Nirman and Ten Films. It is written by Rohan Ghose and Shouvik Banerjee.

Tiki-Taka stands for a style of play in football and the film’s story is synonymous to Khelechi’s adventure in India which is characterized by its situational mess and inadequate accidents.

Tiki-Taka is set to premiere on 11th September 2020 on ZEE5


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